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v day gift

I got shelly's v day gift today (dont worry she already knew what it was... i had to get it sized) it is just beautiful- now to find a laser engraver- humm hard to find.

Writer's Block: Leftovers of leftovers

What's the most unusual food you have ever eaten? Have you ever consumed anything without knowing precisely what it was and gotten sick when you found out?

ostrich jerky- felt really weird eating it

to my tech friends

I am in need of a wireless router- does anyone know if this one is a good one?

netgear Collapse )

Thanks a bunch! 

My Ohio Pics

Cut for YOUR-sake

Christmas PicsCollapse )

ughgh great end to the new year!!!

so Wednesday Night (the night before my big flight back to Tx) I got Food Poisoning. UGHG it sucked i was still sick on the plan ride- got home - took a nap- woke up for a bit- drank some 7 up and ate a Popsicle and crashed again woke up 3 min before midnight found out shelly had crashed next to me- kissed her and then went back to bed- my whole body hurts it was a bad flight- glad 2009 is over- excited 2010 will be the year of the Katie you just wait and see

Having fun in Ohio

This week has been crazy!!! non stop with running around with family- got to see my grandmother on my mother's side probably the last time I will see her- she held raz and he loved her forever for the pieces of ham she dropped on the floor- My dad had my name this Christmas (I knew way before bc he asked what I wanted) I was going to get new work shoes but then my mom told her SHE ordered them so I had to pick something else out- well I wanted a new camera- I got a coolpix (no not the touch screen) it is pretty awesome i have taken a lot of pics and I am sure i will post some shortly after I get back- best part if someone blinks a notice on the screen comes up that says "did someone blink? take again?" that cracks me up!
Raz has been sick- i think he got too many scraps from my family- I tired to only give him Turkey (which he loves and his tummy can handle) but with a niece and nephew around...
He finally stopped throwing up and i got him on a easy on the stomach diet- he is a happy camper now :P
I also got some cash from other relitives- I think my mom and I are planning a trip to sephoria soon- can use it then. I used part of it last night - went to half price books and got a 80$ vet tech class book for 11$! w00t it was never used- still in org wrapping- i love it! also got a new book from T.A Pratt - it looks interesting it is under his real name Tim Pratt book here. I also got an autobiography of Chasity Bono- I am really into that one it is a good read for me I think.  Planning a game of Twilight scene-it today- should be fun as I take over the masses :P Hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas- even your Snuggie Chris!

is a little sad to hear about the death

I kinda liked Brittany Murphy

Up date

got my ring today- decided on a slightly different one- and I love it more. To make things better she called me while i was working to come out and get it- it is on my finger as I type! here is what it looks like I LOVE IT

I am getting excited

Even though the weather will TOTALLY suck I am excited to come out to Ohio in a few weeks!
I need a break from my work- I love what I do but the management is really starting to wear on me- I need to really work on saving money and getting a new-er car this year. it is really too hard to deal with thinking of a new job with a car that is almost as old as I am. I dont need a super new one just one that was made in the last 7 years would be nice. Things with Shelly and I am starting to chill out- this is nice- we are still in that crazy love but we are starting to act like we have been together for years. We both have some nice dreams in the next 5 years and ironically they all seem to mesh or are actually the same ones. I would love to work for a country vet and for that to happen I really want to live in the country- I have been wanting out of the apartment scene for a while and in the last relationship that wasnt something we were considering because Ryan just didnt want to settle in a place just yet. She on the other hand has wanted to live in the country for a while- we looked into a couple of places and the prices are really not that bad- I want something small but nice and she is thinking the same sort of thing. Plus I really want a place for the dogs- I feel so bad we have to drive to go to a puppy park and what that being said it doesnt happen that much. Oh well just things to ponder! Got lots of work the next few days to do- plus a work christmas party.
Shelly went to the drs today and they finally agreed she completely tore her ACL- she is probably going in for Sx next week. I am glad they might actually be able to fix her soon- she has been in so much pain over this. Funny thing i told her the first day in the hospital they should do a cat scan since i thought it was an ACL tear- the dr said no x rays would be fine- then two weeks later they said they needed a cat scan and that the x rays only showed bone- NO CRAP!
Anywho that is about all that is going on for now